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On this page I will try to describe my dearest friend Ann Ryan to you in more detail.


Ann was born and raised in Devon, England and was always very proud of being "A Pom" as she would put it! She migrated to Australia when her children were very young and settled in Perth W.A. Where she started breeding quality German Shepherds under the "Zelia" prefix. Ann was also involved in dog obedience and became an "Obedience Instructor" which she always enjoyed doing immensely!
Many years later Ann moved to Sydney N.S.W. with her second husband John where I first met her at the local Dog Obedience Club. At that time she had just lost her beloved old "Ben"(Ciderstone Azilian), but she was very proud if his lovely young son "Benson"(Zelia Fireflash), that was a beautiful specimen of German Shepherd! Ann had previously broken her foot and could no longer run fast enough to show her lovely shepherds, so Benson was never shown but sired quality puppies for Ann!


We soon became great friends and Ann and I spent countless hours together talking about dogs and family, especially when we worked together in my "Pet Supplies" shop! Ann decided that she wanted a black cocker "as a fun dog"! Nikita was born soon after and it was love at first sight! Both Ann and John were soon bewitched by their new "child" and Nikita weaved her magic on the shepherds too. Ann would delight in telling me about Nikita's great intelligence and character. Like when Nikita was a puppy she had a trolley full of toys, and knew of them all by name! For example, Ann would tell her to "go get alligator" and that's what Nikita would bring to Ann.


But Mum! taking a bath is like hard work!

What a job!

Ann took great pride and care in looking after her dogs, even when they didn't appreciate all her hard work! This would have be one of her favourite photos!

Ann's Favourite Things!

Nikita (the POOHBEAR)

Baby puppies!
Good Music
Seafood crepes
Good Books
like "Harry Potter"


Camera shy Ann teaching puppy to stand.



This site is to honour the memory of my truest and dearest friend "Ann Ryan" who sadly lost her battle with cancer in October 2003. Her husband John has now retired from breeding, but I (Carol Lee Dawson) and "Zelias" proud new owners Erhan and Mary will insure that Zelia cockers live on and continue to give great pleasure to all that have them! Ann now watches over us from above the stars in heaven to always make sure we do it her way, the right way!

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